Company Goals

There is no beverage quite like wine. Its cultural significance can't be understated--it is intertwined with human history and remains a symbol of celebration, community, and the good life. A winemaker once said to me, "wine is a condiment to living," and I have taken that wisdom to heart. For me, the good life is being with people I love or enjoying quiet moments by myself, savoring a good meal or devouring a good book, feeling the warmth of the summer sun or a cozy snowy-day fire and all of these experiences are enhanced by a great glass of wine. 

I value wine for its multidisciplinary complexity. With wine, the more you know, the more you realize you don't know. I find its possibilities for endless exploration fascinating but I understand how many see the wine world as daunting and thus off-putting. I want my business to be known for taking the overwhelmingly vast world of wine and breaking it down into digestible and relevant parts that can be learned by enthusiasts in a way that fits our busy lifestyle of today. While I respect wine's intricacies, I consciously try to not get bogged down in to taking it too seriously because, above all, wine is a beverage that should be fun.

Hello, my name is Audra Grapes and I like wine.

Hello, my name is Audra Grapes and I like wine.


About Me

I have been a wine drinker for...well, a long time. I didn't think about a career in wine until after watching a DVD series that introduced some structure into my wine experience. I applied for a part-time position at a boutique wine shop to help through the holiday season. Through this job, I was able to taste so many new wines and bit by bit built on my wine knowledge.

An opportunity arrived to work for a distributor so for several years, I worked wholesale and gained a new perspective on the wine business. Eventually I moved back into retail because one of my greatest passions is to help people understand and explore wine.

After having my second child in February of 2017, I had to quit my job to be a full time mom. My enthusiasm for everything wine has stuck with me so I started Good Life with Grapes, a company that will allow me to share wine education online. The ability to be a mom, provide some income to my family, and share the wonderfully intricate world of fine wines is a dream come true.